About Instawrap®

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About Instawrap®

Instawrap® is the exciting new way to wrap your gifts.

Instawrap® allows you to wrap gifts without the need for sticky tape; it is so easy to use, you simply lick and stick!

Instawrap® has been specially developed with zero taste, just lick and stick anywhere on either side of Instawrap® to activate, it’s fun, quick & easy to use.

Instawrap® is a British invention protected by granted UK and international patent applications.

Why Instawrap®?

  • Makes wrapping a gift easier, as you always have two hands free when you Instawrap®.
  • As you no longer waste time dispensing or cutting sticky tape, you can wrap presents quicker with Instawrap®.
  • With Instawrap® your gifts can now look beautifully wrapped without the unsightly blemish of sticky tape.
  • Instawrap® simplifies the whole process of wrapping gifts – it’s fun to Instawrap®
  • Easily attach your card to the wrapped gift with one quick lick.
  • Instawrap® is 100% recyclable.