In The Journal for Christmas

In The Journal for Christmas
In The Journal for Christmas

The season’s WRAPPED UP

Instawrap is the lick it and stick it self-adhesive gift wrap set to take the world by storm this season. The Journal caught up with Craig Morfett, Lincoln-based operations director of Wrap Nation, to find out all about the wrapping phenomenon……….

Since its creation in 1917, decorative gift-wrap has never really evolved.

True, the format in which we buy it, from sheets and packs to rolls, has changed, multiplied even and the designs available to today are endless, but its functionality has remained the same – you still need sticky tape or ribbon to hold the edges together. Even for the keen gift-wrapper, the task itself can be fiddly and time consuming, given that one hand is always busy either fixing the edges together or holding the present itself, resulting in not quite a 100 per cent perfect finished product – even with so-called vanishing sticky tape. And for those who struggle with wrapping gifts to start with, well, the thought of Christmas must be terrifying.

It was this frustration which led inventor, Gary Hoffman, to dream up Instawrap® – the world’s first lick and stick wrapping paper – back in 2014. Of course, then came the tricky job of turning that dream into a reality. It was then, during the early part of 2015, that Gary met Lincoln’s Craig Morfett, his new neighbour, who had moved back to the UK with his family from Barcelona. Craig was soon let in on the Instawrap® secret and together the pair established Wrap Nation to begin work on the development of this revolutionary gift-wrap.

“From Gary sharing the idea with me to its fruition it’s taken about 18-months,” says Craig. “We travelled up and down the country, looking at every possible paper, considering all processes of printing and every angle of design. We didn’t quite realise just how much there was to consider. “Everything about the product was chosen because it was of the highest standard. The finished product is premium, the paper itself is high grade, even the glue is unique,” he continued. “People have always chosen gift wrap by design, not functionality or brand. That is what we have changed. Say, for example, you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday. You could pop out on your lunch hour buy a present, grab a sheet of Instawrap® and produce a perfectly wrapped present in minutes, if that. No sticky tape, no string, nothing.”

Launched on TV shopping channel and website HOCHANDA last month, just in time for Christmas, all you need to use Instawrap® is your tongue, or some water and a cotton bud. Self-adhesive, and available in four Scandi-inspired designs it allows even the unhandiest of wrappers to produce something perfect. It’s great for getting your kids crafty too. Classified as toy safe and with templates for bows and shapes on the reverse of the gift-wrap, it’s fine for children to use. Mum or dad might just need to help with the scissors. “When we realised quite what we were producing so many thoughts ran through our minds, ‘do we sell it, do we franchise it, or go to a big brand to work with them?’ But we came to the conclusion that no one would bring it to life with as much attention to detail and love as we could “We love Instawrap®, it’s our baby at the end of the day and at every step along the way we have put in the effort to make sure the end result would be the very best. “The quality of it, the fact that it’s vegetarian, 100 per cent recyclable and printed in the UK using 100 per cent renewable energy in a carbon positive factory, all of those things wouldn’t have occurred to everyone. And across Wrap Nation, everyone cares, no matter what their role.

“It really is a team effort, and we’re thrilled that Jane Means, Lincolnshire’s gift-wrapping guru, will be joining us as the face of Instawrap® too. “Looking ahead, the potential for developing the product is just vast. Even just through designs, you could market gift-wrap by occasion, colour theme, embellishment … the opportunities are endless. “How we approach the future and move the product forward is very much still under discussion. No matter how we decide to go about it, one thing will remain the same – the only limitation with Instawrap is your imagination.”

Published by The Journal 25/11/2016 – Author Joanne Hunt.