Introducing Instawrapping!

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Introducing Instawrapping

Instawrapping goes beyond just wrapping presents; it is the exciting new way to make your gifts look amazing with ease. Using nothing more than Instawrap® in creative ways to decorate your wrapped presents, where your only limitation is your imagination.

Instawrapping ideas

  • Decorative bows: on the reverse of Instawrap® there are two different sized decorative bow templates. Easy to make, they look great on the gift or envelope. look at
  • Leftover strips of Instawrap® can be used effectively as ribbon around your wrapped presents.
  • If you are giving a card as well, why not attach this to your Instawrapped gift? just lick and stick.
  • Decorate plain cards and envelopes with Instawrap® to coordinate beautifully with your wrapped present.

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