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Meet Instawrap®, Gift-wrap Evolved!

Since its creation in 1917, gift-wrap had never evolved in its functionality. Now, after 100 years, the solution has been developed that removes the need for sticky tape or ribbon, giving a perfect unequaled finish to the wrapped article and simplifying the whole process of wrapping a present.

Instawrap® is a British invention protected by granted UK and international patent applications. Wrap Nation has created the world’s first & only lick & stick
The entire surface area of both the decorative and non-decorative sides are coated with a taste free moisture activated glue which can be selectively
activated to secure the gift-wrap to itself, without relying on any additional fastenings.

  • Instawrap® makes wrapping a present easier and faster than ever before, producing a perfect tape-free finish. As a consumer, why wouldn’t you Instawrap®?
  • Instawrap® is completely unique. It is an unparalleled gift-wrap offering, that stands out from the competition and sets the standard that cannot be emulated.
  • An industry game changer, invented and manufactured in the UK, zero taste, vegan friendly & safe for children.
  • Instawrap® is 100% recyclable, reducing gift-wrap waste to landfill.
  • Contents of package are 2x 500x700mm premium 100gsm self adhesive sheets of instawrap®.
  • UK RRP £3.99, an amazing price for the worlds only evolution of wrapping paper!
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"Launching with 12 stunning designs!" *all designs are subject to copyright

Consumers will love Instawrap® for several reasons.

  • Speed of Wrapping: Time poor consumers will be attracted to the time saving element of Instawrap®.
  • Ease of Use: By simplifying the gift-wrapping process, many
    consumers will adopt Instawrap®. Instawrap® is easier to use
    than conventional gift-wrap, as the consumer now has both
    hands free to hold and wrap.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: With Instawrap® being
    self-adhesive it removes the need for sticky tape “Sticky tape
    is not recyclable and should be thrown away in your rubbish
    bin” – www.recyclenow.com. Instawrap® is a brand which can
    claim that after use, its paper can go straight in the recycle bin.
    Instawrap® can eradicate the vast amount of gift-wrap waste
    currently sent to landfill every day.
  • Appearance: The perfectionist and image driven will be
    attracted to Instawrap® for its crisp edges and unparalleled
    finish. No longer will they need to painfully loop the sticky tape
    and hide it under the overlapped edges, or use expensive and
    awkward double sided tape. Even if the perfectionist goes to
    these lengths to avoid the unsightly appearance of sticky tape
    on their gift, the wrapped present could not match the perfect
    seams only made possible with Instawrap®.
  • Innovation Seekers: Those that are always looking for the
    latest innovation to hit the market will love Instawrap®, for it is
    ‘The Next Generation Gift-Wrap”.
  • Impulse Buyers: With Instawrap’s® leading style and unique
    packaging within this sector, it will attract and stand out to
    this consumer.
  • Sticky Tape Haters: Many of us dislike sticky tape,
    it’s awkward to use & frustrating with an additional
    cost implication and adds a blemished finish to the
    wrapped article.
  • Additional Uses: The lick and stick element of Instawrap®
    allows the consumer to decorate the present with ease.
    Without the necessity of additional glue or sticky tape, there
    is no mess or added effort, cards, tags and decorations can be
    adhered to the gift, just lick & stick.

Although consumers may initially purchase Instawrap® for one reason, all the other benefits will create brand loyalty.

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